RSVP - Tips & Tricks

Amid all the appreciation of the neat style and the cutesy personalization-it is also time to get never tackling serious darling. It is time to think about the RSVP bit as soon as you think about sending the invites out to your guests! While this might seem like a piece of cake, the flavours are not all that sweet when you bite in.

Make sure you send your RSVPs witty clarity

More often than not, you send a RSVP card without having any detail on it. You might be thinking about your wedding all the time but then why would your guests do the same? It is important to print an RSVP deadline on the card itself. This applies to RSVPs irrespective of whether they are sent traditionally by or simply sent online. Unless you are specific, your guests might simply forget to reply well in time.

Make sure that you set a deadline for RSVP-ing at least a couple of weeks before you are supposed to close the numbers and seating.

While arranging the catering, you will need to know that simply hurrying up and guesstimating will cause fund erosion and wastage of time. The RSVPs must be designed in a way that your guests get the drift on when they are expected to confirm!

Keep space for last minute guests

While RSVPs are lifesavers and help you plan things perfectly, there might always be an additional 5-6 guests who pour in at the last minute. There also is a possibility that a couple of guests you invited might not arrive despite having RSVP-ed. This is very normal and there is generally no cause to wreck your head over this.

In addition to these tips for RSPV management, you need to ensure the mode via which you expect to receive the same. In case you want to go in for the snail mail route, send in a prepaid card with sufficient postage. This will save the guests hassles of going ahead and posting this after buying a stamp.

Sometimes, in fact at most times, you have to allow guests to RSVP by mails, texts or messages

Alternatively, you can set up a wed-site and get the host server to allow guests yo register or confirm their RSVPs.

Your RSVP card must contain an option for what entree or menu choice your guest will prefer

In addition to this, you might be better off adding a column for confirming attendance numbers for invites to family friends. This will make your wedding catering plan bit fall in place. In addition, while designing an RSVP, choose to be clear about what number your guests could contact in case of any concern.

On a classic wedding goof up most guests, forget to write their names while sending the cards back. The best trick in the book to stop this being a problem is to pencil mark your cards on the backside. Maintain a log for the numbers in a pas with the guest names on. Once you get the RSVP return cards, tracking who sent the ayes and the nays will be cakewalk indeed!


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