Wedding Gifts and Favours

Wedding Gifts and Favors- Off Beat Ideas

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If one of your close friends or relatives is tying the knot, then it is important that you gift them something thoughtful and immersive at the same time. It is not about how expensive or how big the gift is, what is important is how much involved you are in while planning and preparing the gift. Here are some off-beat ideas for gifts and favors that could make a wedding day even more special. Read on!


Paper Lanterns for Good Luck

paper lanterns

The Chinese hot-air paper lanterns symbolize good luck and positive energy. Buy hundreds of lanterns and make each guest light one to wish good luck to the couple. It would be such a wonderful sight to see hundreds of lanterns floating about in the night sky.


Prepare a Surprise Slide Show

prepare surprise slide show

Collect treasured pictures of both the bride and groom secretly (baby pictures, snaps of them as gawky teenagers, pictures of their dates and so on) and make a beautiful presentation out of it. Project it while all the guests are gathered and couple it with some soulful commentary. It is sure to cause some laughs and bring out a few tears.


Make a Well Wishing Video

Film the bride and groom’s near and dear ones wishing them well on their joyous and auspicious occasion, especially if the said people are unable to be present at the wedding. This will surely be a very touching gesture.


Wedding Flash Mob

flash mob

This is something a gang of friends or cousins or even uncles and aunts could plan together. Burst into song and dance in full Bollywood style and you would surely floor the bride and groom.


Plan a Surprise Guest Appearance

groom surprise

If the bride or groom has a favorite idol- an old school teacher, a writer, an actor, a singer- see if you can track them down and request for a guest appearance. Imagine how exciting it would be for your loved ones on their special day!

Offer your Special Skills for Free

home decoration

Provided you have a niche area, you can offer your services for free. For example, if you are good at even manager then you can offer to plant the wedding. If you are good at decorations, then offer to take care of the wedding décor and flower arrangements. If you can sing, then croon a special song for the newlyweds.


Design Customized sets of Bedding and Blankets

bedding and blankets

This idea has a sea of possibilities as you can come up with a lot of personalized designs that involve ‘his’ and ‘her’ sides or cute love quotes of even caricatures of the bride and the groom. It will certainly be a one of a kind gift.


Gift a Surprise Honeymoon

honeymoon places

But you better do it before the couple actually plans a honeymoon themselves. Book them tickets to an exotic honeymoon destination and surprise them. The surprise on their faces would be priceless.


Gift Something Nostalgic

old memories

If you have known the bride or groom since their childhood, then plan for something nostalgic- a collection of autographed books from their favorite childhood author, a scrapbook full of old memories, a hard disk full of home-movies since the time you were kids… the ideas will vary depending on the interests and tastes of the person involved - but you get the gist, don’t you?


Gift a Plant Sapling as a Symbolic Gesture

plant scrapling

Now this might be something you can give along with another gift as gifting a sapling alone may seem stingy. But the symbolism of a sapling will beat all other gift for sure. It is something they could take care of together, and it would stand for how their marriage would flourish like a tree. Even decades later, the tree would remain in their backyard to remind them of the day they stepped into a new chapter of their lives.

It is not the amount of money you spent on a gift that matters, it is the thought and energy you have put into that really counts. Always remember to gift something personal as well as useful, but try to make it not only about utility.  A well thought out gift will always be more treasured than a merely expensive one.


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