Curvy Brides

A very important factor every bride should keep in mind while looking for the perfect wedding attire is that the dress should be made to fit you- it should not be the other way around. Be proud of your body and make sure that you find a design that fits you flawlessly. Here are 10 wedding tips for curvy brides to rock your wedding day.



1.The Perfect Lingerie

Let’s begin with the basics. Before decide on the perfect attire, pick out the right lingerie that would enunciate your plus points but at the same time camouflage you abundant areas. If you are conscious about your tummy then choose to wear a slim belt.

  1. Go for a Fishtail Petticoat                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             fishtail coat

If you plan to wear a sari, then get a custom made fishtail petticoat that would hug your curves perfectly. A figure hugging petticoat would make you look shapelier when draping a sari.

3.Stick to a Single Color

It would be wise to pick a single colour and stick to that as too many colors would make you look chunky and chaotic. Also, a single shade would add look more elegant and classy.

4.Pick a Lighter Material for your Wedding Attire

True that there is limit to how light a wedding sari, lehenga or dress could be. But keep in mind that a figure hugging material would make you look ten pounds lighter and highlight all the right areas. Go for something that flows like georgette or combinations of silks or satins or nets.

5.Draw Attention away from Waistline

If you are wearing a lehenga, choose to wear it high waist and make sure your blouse is longer. If you have picked a sari, then make sure to do the pleats right and that they are not bunched up in one area. If you are going to don a wedding dress, then you could go for a sheath dress that are specially designed for plus size women- sheath dresses tend to erase the flaw areas and highlight what needs to be highlighted.

6.Give Three Quarter Length Sleeves a Try

If you are a little abundant around your arms then choosing half sleeve blouses or dresses would be a bad idea. Go for a three-fourth sleeved, fitted blouse of a lightweight material and you will look a lot trimmer.

7.Plunging Necklines

Don’t hesitate to show a little bit of skin. Wide and low necklines would take so many pounds off you. Plunging necklines suit curvy women better than skinny ones as unlike the latter, curvy women actually have stuff to flaunt.

8.Pick the Right Jewellery


Do not wear too much jewelry as it would make you look bigger than you are. Try to stick to simpler designs and lesser quantities. A simple diamond choker, along with patching earrings and bangles would look so much better than 20 gold necklaces and 3 dozen bangles making it look like you are wearing body armour.

9.Highlight your Face the Right Way

Make sure you contour your face and neck properly. A dash of bronzer on your cheekbones and some highlighting of your jaw and collarbones would make you look much different.

10.Choose the Right Hairdo                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     hairdo

 It is advised that curvy women not opt for hairstyles that involve putting their hair up. This might not apply to the bride when she has to wear a veil of ghoonghat. But choose to wear your hair down when you show up for your reception or other occasion that do not involve a veil. Your face will look slimmer with hair framing your face.

You do not have to starve yourselves by dieting or treat the gym like a shrine right before your wedding. All you have to do is keep these simple and doable tips in mind. Of course, this does not mean that you have to stop trying to lose weight- you could do that too if you want to. But go for whatever suits your mind and body the best. The most important thing is that you feel confident and happy about your body and have a good time, as it is your day after all.


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