From Miss to Mrs. Life’s about to take a dramatic leap. But before you springboard into the future, flash the ‘Singles Rock’ badge proudly one last time. And there’s nothing better than an epic Bachelorette Party to do this. Live it up with your gal pals, paint the town red, and make memories that’ll keep your cool quotient up when you’re a granny telling colourful stories to your grandkids.   

Spark off your party mood, all brides to-be and their girly gang, and get ready for a merry ride. For, here’s a roll out of some exciting Bachelorette Party ideas. Take your pick and plan it as is or twist it as per your liking and creative tilt. As long as you all have a blast, nothing else counts.


If the bride to-be is ‘Daddy’s Good Girl’ who doesn’t want to go all ‘Naughty’ in one party, it’s perfectly understandable. One of these ideas would be just perfect.

Bring on the CostumeCostume parties are a riot of vibrancy and fun. People dressed up as favourite movie or book characters, in colourful wigs, oversized and funky eyewear or masks are a precious sight. And they make for entertaining

party pictures as well.


Spa Treat: Pampering is a girl’s best friend. Spoil yourselves silly with relaxing massages given in a spa’s luxurious ambience. Check if the spa has some special massages or treatments for brides. That would be great! Follow up the spa visit with a yummy brunch and movie to complete the circle of fun.

glam night

Go Glam-pingSprinkle some glamour in the traditional camping, and you have the current favourite of Bachelorette Party ideas. Plan a getaway to the mountains, stay in lavish tents, indulge in some adventurous activities and make the trip one big party.

Gourmet Spread: Get a professional chef to cook up a storm in your kitchen. Relish every bite of the fabulous meal he whips up by pairing it with some delicious gossip and free-flowing giggles. As an added bonus, see if he can teach you’ll some fancy dishes that will help the bride impress her future in-laws.

Take a Vacation: If the purse permits, make a trip to an exotic destination within the country or abroad. Discover its culture and cuisine, take in its sights and sounds, click countless ‘usies’, shop, enjoy its nightlife; just do everything to etch the trip in your memory for life.


Some brides like to have all the fun. Uncensored. So here it is for all you adventurous souls.

 Photo Op: Make a list of all the things you need to take a picture of. You could limit it to the venue of the party or keep it open. Range the tasks from asking a random dude to pose with you and put up the picture on his Instagram with a cocky hashtag, getting a stranger to sing a romantic number for you and shoot a video, convincing a cute guy to show his hidden tattoos to kissing a stranger who has the same name as the groom. Keep kinky gifts for the girl who completes the task first. Tame down the tasks or make them wilder, the choice is yours.

 Cheeky Quiz: Check how much the bride knows her future hubby. Get the groom to fill the questionnaire in advance and then pose the same questions to her at the party. For every answer she gets wrong, she has to down a shot. Keep the questions racy for most part. Like: What are his guilty indulgences?, What is his hot spot?, What is his favourite lingerie colour?, Which outfit he finds the bride sexy in?, Who is his fantasy celebrity for a threesome? Keep the questions and booze flowing.


Phallic Theme: Do up the party venue with kinky décor. Whip up a phallic shaped cake and call in a hot male stripper to keep the party spirit up. Gift the bride a hamper containing erotic novels, graphic Kamasutra cushion cover, handcuffs and all things naughty.  

Play Ex-Charades: Split into two teams and pretend to be one of the bride’s ex-BFs, crushes or hook-ups. Every guess that’s wrong, results in one drink down.  

 Sexy Dance Moves: Learn how to do the pole dance and make the party hotter with some sensual dancing.  

 Once you decide on the party theme, get down to the prep work. Let the invite itself set the tone for the upcoming fun. Gals, let the last time the bride to-be is single be her best. Party hardest! 




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