Wedding Photography Decoded

wedding photographs

Capturing the precious moments of a wedding is at times more important than watching it live, as the former will frame a memory forever so that you can relive it countless number of times. Wedding photography is a really crucial component of any wedding and it has evolved a lot over the years. Let’s take a look at some of the current photography techniques that are trending today.

Go Traditional


There was a time when using film for photography had gone into a lull. But it seems like the traditional method of using film to capture wedding moments is slowly making a comeback. Classic film brings out the richness and textures of the images in a way that the digital cameras fail to do. Traditional photography will go well with colourful ceremonies, especially if they happen during the daytime.

Get Candid


Constantly posing for wedding photographer could be a real pain, especially if it’s your own wedding. This is where candid photography comes to the rescue. Let the photographer click images in all their naturalness- the smiles will be brighter, the faces would be more relaxed and the images will be livelier than ever. Choose candid photography if you are not up for hours and hours of posing and positioning.

Get a bit Cinematic


Indians are known to be a tad bit too filmy, so why not proudly embrace that in your wedding photography too? Nowadays many couples who have a gist for drama opt for this- it will just be like acting in a movie- complete with songs and dances! All you have to do is listen to what the cinematographer tells you and act accordingly. They will later insert in songs and dialogues if any. The next thing you know, your wedding video will look like the trailer of a hi-funda Bollywood movie! Now who wouldn’t want that?

Reach for the Skies with Drones or Heli-cams


If the above mentioned methods seem too ordinary to you, then maybe you can think about shooting your wedding ceremony from the sky. All you have to do rent the right photographers and equipment for it. This kind of photography and filming will look their best when shot outside. So this might be a phenomenal idea if you have plans to have an outdoor wedding. Drones and heli-cams would also give you chance to look at your wedding moments from a whole new perspective, not to mention how this will give the photographers a chance to cover more area and experiment with new capturing styles.

Go Underwater for some Depth Photography


How about you capture some wedding images from underwater? Yes, it actually is possible if you wish to frame your wedding below the sea level, away from the mainstream wedding photography techniques. Though not very common in our country, this trend is slowly catching on. Underwater photography will give your pictures a serene aura, in all its purity and wholesomeness. You can either choose to actually choose to go into the water for the pictures. Or you could choose to conduct the ceremony on a boat and the photographer could click pictures from the depths of the water, in such a way that half of the image will be above the water and half below. Either way, your wedding memories would certainly look dashing and one of a kind.

Now you know that digital photography is not the only way to capture the treasured moments of one the best days in your life. Choose to experiment a bit with these methods and you will surely not be disappointed. A wedding is one of the greatest milestones in your life- so make sure that you frame it uniquely.


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