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Mapillai Pangali

(Nithin raj)

  • Fabric : Silk/cotton/khadi
  • Sleeve : Full/Haif
  • Fit : Normal Fit(Formals)
  • Size : 36,38,40,42,44
  • Color : Violet
  • Terms and Condition : Sample fabric can be sent at free of cost cod -available delivery-4 days

Wedding is an once in a life time event for anyone and everyone would want the day to be celebrated and special to the max as possible , the only people who could make an wedding happening, celebrated, enjoyable and colorful to the max is always our friends and close relatives, Thus to make the event more special for them it’s a recent good trend in weddings for the friends and relatives to wear the same colour shirt bought by themselves or by the groom. Have a wedding around the corner ?? order from us and make sure your friends are relatives are also made to feel special in your wedding

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